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Why Weighted Clothing Should Be A Part Of Your Workouts

There are a lot of types of weighted clothing out there to choose from. These easy-to-wear garments have built-in weights that make workout sessions more difficult. No matter if you exercise to relieve stress, lose weight, or build muscle mass, you should wear weighted clothing. If you don’t understand why this is necessary, read the following lines.

Increased strength and endurance

The extra weight that you carry with you when you work out wearing weighted clothing requires added strength and oxygen. Of course, you will lose energy faster when wearing weighted clothing as well. But the more weight you add when you work out, the more the muscles are pressured. This will make you build strength and muscular endurance faster than you would have without the use of weighted clothing.

More variety in your workout session

Workout routines become boring really fast if you don’t do anything to spice them up. When you do the same exercises at the same intensity level for a long time, you will notice that the muscle building process will stop as well. But with weighted clothing, this won’t be a problem anymore. Gradually add weights in time, making your workouts more interesting and challenging as well. By doing this, you will see major improvements in the way you look and feel as well.

Cardiovascular benefits

If you perform cardio workouts while using weighted clothing, you will notice major improvements in your cardiovascular health as well. Therefore, next time when you run on the treadmill or use the rowing machine, wear weighted clothing to improve your resistance. Also, you will notice improvements in breathing because your lungs will get stronger and stronger as you perform these challenging cardio workouts.

Musculoskeletal benefits

Last but not least, you will get to enjoy musculoskeletal benefits by working out while wearing weighted clothing. This is especially noticeable when you run while wearing ankle weights because there will be an increased load transmitted through your bones. This will result in an increased bone mass, the osteoblasts being stimulated for this health benefit to appear. Therefore, if you want stronger and denser bones, carry some extra weight with you when you run or when you perform other types of exercises.