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What You Should Eat to Build Muscle

It’s said that you are what you eat so if you want to be muscles, you need to eat foods that promote the growth of your muscle mass. Muscles are mostly made out of proteins that you can find in meat but there are also vegetable proteins and other nutrients that can help you build muscle mass. Keep reading to discover what to eat if you want to build more muscle.


Beef meat is highly rich in proteins, good cholesterol, B vitamins, and minerals like iron and zinc. When you choose your beef, opt for grass-feed cattle that offers you nutrients instead of fats. This way, you will build good muscle and you will strengthen your body.


Whole grains have plenty of proteins that are very good for building muscle and for offering you energy for your workouts. Brown rice, in particular, is very efficient in developing your muscles thanks to the growth hormone it contains, which encourages muscle building.


One of the most popular sources of nutrients that promote muscle growth is salmon, a type of fish that is very rich in proteins and omega 3 acids that build and repair muscles and help you stay fit without adding fat to your body. Salmon also contains high amounts of vitamins like D and B that contribute to building muscle mass.


Beets are an excellent source of a particular nutrient called betaine that has been proven to increase the muscle growth. If you feed on beets prior to exercising, you will feel more energized and you will recover faster after sore muscles.


Similar to salmon, eggs are another rich source of nutrients and omega 3 fatty acids that can aid you in your attempt to create more muscle mass. The many vitamins and minerals that eggs contain can eliminate hunger during the day, which is what makes them such an excellent food for breakfast.


If you feel like having a snack, apples are the best option that contains plenty of nutrients able to increase your muscle mass. Apples contain high amounts of carbohydrates, fibers, and electrolytes that encourage the formation of new muscles. They also cut your appetite for sweets with their healthy sweetness and low-calorie intake.