Beginner and Advanced Fitness Tips for Everyone

Fitness Tips for Toning Your Arms

Always remember to include some arm exercises into your workout routine if you want to achieve the perfect body from head to toe. Your arms are as important as any other area of your body and you shouldn’t forget about toning them. We have for you some fitness tips that will give you perfectly toned arms without much hassle and without breaking your back in the gym.

Try the uneven push-ups

Contract your upper body muscles and especially your arm muscles with this great exercise. You will need something to support your hand and it can be anything from a stack of books to a football for a bigger challenge. Get into a plank position with one hand on the floor and the other on the selected object and start lowering towards the floor as in a regular push-up. Pass the object to the other hand and repeat the exercise at least 5 times on each side.

Yoga is great for toning your arms

Many yoga positions can help you work your arm muscles, like the Downward dog that allows you to contract your arm muscles so they will become more toned. For this Yoga exercise, stand and bend over from the waist until your palms reach the ground and start pushing your hands forward so you will create a V while your palms and feet are on the ground. Keep this position with our shoulders relaxed then go back to the starting position and repeat.

Tone your arms in the swimming pool

You can easily work your arm muscles if you go swimming at least once a week. The arm movements and the resistance of the water force your arm muscles to contract, which makes them firmer. In case you can’t swim, you can also tone your arms in the swimming pool if you try the following trick. Stand near the pool edge and place your bent arms on the side then raise your body using only your arms strength. Maintain your body lifted then lower it back into the water and repeat the exercise.