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Best Pool Exercises for Weight Loss

Do you think it is necessary to lose some weight but you don’t know what method will give the best results? Do you like water? If so, then you need to know that there are some exercises that can be done in a swimming pool in order to burn fat with ease. Here are some of the best pool exercises for weight loss that will help you achieve your goal in an enjoyable way.


This exercise will probably be a bit hard to do at the beginning, but after a while, it will seem quite easy. However, one thing is sure, it gives amazing results. It will help you work out your back, arms, hamstrings, abs, and butt as well. You will burn fat easily on these parts of your body, and you will also tone them very well. You need to make small circles with cupped hands, in the water, and lift your left leg straight, in front of you. You must lift it at your hip level, while you actually reach the toes of your right leg toward the bottom of the swimming pool. Hold for about 5 seconds, and continue the exercise by alternating sides.

Double leg lift

This is another wonderful exercise that you can do in a swimming pool, in order to lose the desired weight. Here is what you need to do. You must lean back on the pool edge, and then you must lower your legs straight down. Raise both legs up as high as you can. While you do so, you need to make sure you keep them straight and together. Being in the water while you do this exercise means that it will be more intense, and the water will actually provide extra difficulty. Therefore, you will burn fat and tone your body a lot faster.

Bicep curl

For this type of exercise, you need to use a weight. With this weight, you must do a regular bicep curl. Due to the resistance of the water, you will need to work very hard in both directions. Your arms will look absolutely fantastic. They will be toned and the unpleasant fat will easily be burned. Keep in mind to keep the entire range of motion under the water. However, this is definitely one of the best pool exercises for weight loss, that you most definitely try.

Pendulum swing

You need to hold on to the edge of the swimming pool and tick tock the legs side to side. Do this one at a time, just like a pendulum swinging. If you want to exercise more intense, then you must bring your leg up as high as possible. Work out for about 10 minutes, take a break, and go for another 10 minutes.