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Best Exercises for a Flat Belly

A flat belly is without a doubt a sign that you eat healthier and exercise regularly. Women and men as well are looking for different solutions to obtain a result like this. What they need to know is that they need to choose the right exercises and do them correctly and regularly as well. Here are some of the best exercises for a flat belly.


We all know what crunches are, and we all know how to do the correctly. Crunches are without a doubt a fantastic way to burn the fat on your tummy, and tone it very well. It is highly recommended to do about 50 crunches in the morning and another 50 in the evening. Keep in mind to do these exercises while you lay on a hard surface, such as the floor, so that they can be even more effective.

Boat pose

This type of exercise will give you amazing results in a very short period of time, and it is not complicated to do at all. You can do it at home, twice a day, or even more, in order to maximize your results. You just need to sit on the floor with your knees bent, the feet and the hands on the ground. Then, you need to lean your upper body back and lift both your legs, in order to form a V-shape. Stay in this position for about 10-15 seconds, and remember to relax your shoulders, keep your back straight, and your chest lifted. Pause and relax for about 1 minute, and repeat the exercise. Do this for about 5 times.

Scale pose

If you are looking for the best exercises for a flat belly, then you must not omit the Scale pose. This exercise helps you strengthen your core, your arms, and the pelvic floor as well. You need to sit on the floor, in a comfortable cross-legged position. Keep your hands on the floor as well, next to your hips. Then you need to tighten the pelvic floor, push into your both hands, and lift the whole lower body off the floor. It will probably seem quite hard to do this at the beginning, but you will soon manage to obtain the desired result. You just need to persevere and exercise regularly, and the results will not delay appearing.